Certified Negotiations Expert

The Certified Negotiations Expert (CNE) is an art that focuses on giving anyone a foundation and solid overview of all the key aspects of negotiations. Negotiating skill can be a very demanding and hard concept to handle for certain persons but the experts who are certified and trained negotiators will be able to thrive very well under that pressure. The knowledge that is gained will last a lifetime and the skills will become one of a second nature as it is put practically into work.The art of negotiation primarily delves on how to improve negotiation skills. The negotiation power is the ability of parties in situation to exert influence and command over each other. Normally situations are such that both the parties will have an equal footing in a situation that their power exhibition should show the lack of dependence on the others.

Persuasion and influencing techniques will also be the intent of focus to become an effective negotiator. More often than not, it will be a case of tough negotiation where the program shall help an individual handle the situation and also of that highly competitive bargainers to bring better outcomes for the parties in question.

This negotiation expert certification will also help one learn to address behind the screen issues and how to deal with them effectively. It helps them become professional negotiators and score them better over competitors in their client circle.

The program will help an individual address a wide range of personalities and situations. It will help the students learn how to ask the right questions to get the correct answers that is very much needed in real estate negotiation. Preparation is the key before entering into a negotiation. Relying on gut instincts or intuition shall not work and the program helps one to expect the unexpected and prepare well for the scenarios to be presented. There will be lot of case studies and role plays that will be presented to the trainees to learn the art of asking the right questions during the negotiation time. The questions asked will really matter into solving the deal effectively because the program concentrates on asking the “why” question rather than a “what” question. Asking the reason “why” shall help settle the matter faster. After the negotiation, etiquettes of follow-up via phone or email will be instilled so that the clients are still on the same page and reassuring the negotiator that the client has agreed to what they initially planned to agree.

The expert negotiation program will help sort out the competing objectives of the parties that are involved in a transaction. It will help expand one’s thinking and value offerings shall provide the customers with new client protection options and service fee models. It will give the experts trained in the program to have a competitive advantage with excellent persuasion and influencing skills, team roles, maximising value strategies, planning and preparation skills to achieve outstanding deals.

Styles of negotiation

The styles of negotiation can be broadly categorized under the following topics.

a.As the category grouping is, this style will be completely results driven. They have a do or die attitude. Since it is either a hit or miss, communication in this use case will be focussed and assertive. The individuals excelling in this style should be thinking strategically and not humanely for the others.

2. Collaborative
a.AS the name indicates, this style involves and indulges in mutual interests of both the parties concerned. They understand the concerns and the interests and find a solution that is compromising for the parties in question.

a.This style shall strike a middle ground and will not have any prejudice of one over the other. This style will not hesitate to compromise on one party and makes sure that both the parties are satisfied with the outcome.

a.This category will not address the problem and hence dislike negotiations. This style will avoid any conflicts before the situation turns intimidating orbiased of one over the other.

a.This style ensures that the relationship and ties between the parties are completely maintained. This style shall go to the extent of spending a great work on team building and maintaining relationships. This style negotiators are very cognizant of one’s feelings and relationships.

The Certified Negotiations Expert process

No matter what the scenario is, if there arises a need to offer a premise in the least possible time, Certified Negotiations Expert will have the ability to help in that situation. For students attending the course shall become experts in professional negotiation, collaborative negotiation, competitive bargaining, enhanced persuasion and influential techniques, confidence building and innovative business building process approach.This approach focuses on practical skills than of theory where there will be an opportunity for applying the innovative tools and gain personalised feedback for growing business and better process.IF there exist a need for an open house plan, a market plan or a lead generation requirement, this expert program shall make an individual define a negotiation plan that gives customers the confidence in the individual’s ability to deal with the situation. The whole psychological approach for a negotiator to adopt in order to influence the buyer’s (or seller’s) decision making process will be completely trained so that they get better results for the clients as well as themselves.


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2 Days of classes cost $399
Cancellation made in less than a week cannot be refunded
You can use the CNE designation immediately after the course
To have a sustainable revenue in real estate you need CNE and MCNE. You can also refer Failed uber x Companies which are not performing well without CNE.
Improving negotiating skills and dealing well with the issues.